We’re pleased to announce that Jenna Moore is offering short-term *Brief
Support Counseling at Helena First!
Appointments are available on Tuesdays (only) between 9 AM and
 PM at our church offices. No fees will be charged. 
Schedule an appointment with Jenna by emailing her at:
Jenna Moore is a Montana native and has been a therapist for the last
seven years working with individuals, couples and families. She is a
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and is the owner of Courage Counseling, a private practice here in Helena.

Jenna feels called to reach out to more people in our community who are in
need of peace, encouragement and freedom from their anxieties. Her goal
is that people may learn to break free from parts of their story that hold
them back from experiencing Gods peace and love.

She and her husband Carden have two busy boys: Mark and Kesler. Jenna
and her family love to eat, ski, and cheer for Cardinals baseball. 
*Brief support counseling is unique and substantially different from
established therapy practice, due to counseling on a short-term (4
sessions) basis. Jenna will meet with you up to four times, and then if
extended therapy is desired or deemed necessary; appropriate referrals will
be discussed.
If you have significant medical, legal, financial, or other technical questions,
you should seek advice from a competent independent professional. Jenna
will cooperate with such advisors. More specifically, we urge our
counselees to properly care for their physical bodies and to seek proper
medical treatment for all physiological problems.
The purpose of brief support counseling is to help you meet the challenges
of life with increased hope, understanding, and peace. This is a short-term
counseling program that strives to instill useful tools and support for a
variety of issues including depression, anxiety, grief, loss, adjustment
problems, difficulties at work, relationship problems and marital and family

Our acting counselor, Jenna Moore, utilizes integrative care emphasizing
care for the mind, body and spirit of participants. She is licensed in the
State of Montana as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and
trained in several modalities of therapy. It is important to understand that
her responsibilities in this capacity do not include medical or professional
treatment for diagnoses or long-term therapeutic needs; but rather to
provide brief support, hope and tools.
 Need additional help? One of our pastors may be able to assist you. Send us a note (below) or call to make arrangements. Although we’re unable to make endorsements, you may find this list of outside Counselors helpful. Also, here’s a list of  resources  beyond our church that you may want to explore.